We are loving. We are outward focused. We are all about the Great Commission.

If we've been changed by the love of Christ, there should be new desires that prompt us to serve just like our Savior Jesus. In response to the Gospel, it only makes sense to serve God in His Kingdom.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and give His life… Matthew 20:28

One way you can serve, is by volunteering with our many different service teams.

If you are interested in serving on one of these teams, please click scroll down and click the link provided in the section which the ministry you are interested in is located. 


The worship team serves the church by leading worship expressed through songs. Singing isn’t the only way we worship, but on Sunday morning we sing to help us remember the truths we believe about God and to prayerfully connect to him through the lyrics. Each volunteer on the worship team offers their gifting to sing or play an instrument on Sunday morning services.

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During a Sunday morning, there are many things that go on behind the scenes that help produce a service and allow people to connect with Jesus without distraction. There are roughly 2 positions for production. One is a media tech who controls the visual displays like lyrics, sermon slides and videos as well as the stage and house lighting. The other is a sound tech who works on the sound board.

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Children are often viewed as the church of tomorrow, but they are the church of today. Servant Leaders in children’s ministry want to lead kids into the big story of God’s love. From singing over infants to acting out bible stories, children’s ministry is all about engaging kids where they are at. Servant Leaders in this ministry need a background check.

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Teenagers need a safe place to be real about what they believe. They also need other adults in addition to their parents who want to speak truth and show the Gospel through their lives. Volunteers on the student ministry team have fun, hang out with students at youth group, teach, lead discussion groups and show students a passion for God. Volunteers in this ministry need a background check.


Research shows that society flourishes when men take responsibility in their work, marriages and families. However, most men feel alone, unconfident, and ill-equipped. The men’s ministry team is all about engaging men in discipleship, retreats and helping them connect to a Journey Group.


The women’s ministry team seeks to develop relationships that allow women to be made more Christ-like. They focus on prayer, bible study, service and accountability. Women’s ministry includes many intergenerational activities, retreats, and studies. They also help women connect to Journey Groups.


The Gospel is meant for the whole world. As a church we want to support missions around the globe. Our missions team serves by creating missions conferences, sending people on missions trips and connecting the church to our overseas kingdom work.


Prayer is often the thing we do before or after ministry. However, prayer is the work of the ministry. We need prayer like we need air. Volunteers for the prayer team get emails as part of the prayer chain, pray over services on Sunday morning and are always looking to join prayer into the corporate body of River of Life.


We all need to remember that we are united into the body of Christ. At River of Life, one way we do that is by arranging church-wide events that incorporate everybody in the church. These events allow new people to connect and point us to something bigger than ourselves. Event volunteers love to plan great gatherings.

Building and Maintenance

Church is more than a building, but it’s important to have a place to gather as believers and celebrate who God is and what he has done in our lives. Volunteers on this team take care of building maintenance and things like lawn care, irrigation, and minor repairs as well as offer wisdom for long-term care of the property.