We want to be about bringing the Gospel to the youth of our church and the Grand Valley. We don’t want to make sure students stay in the church; we want to lead them to be the church. We seek to carry this out by committing ourselves to these 3 goals. One, we'd rather students be real and not just right. We don't want students to simply know the right answer and have no heart change. Second, we want students to live in the context of a community dedicated to the Gospel. For us, this primarily happens in the context of discipleship relationships fostered among our adult leaders. Third, we want students to live out the implications of the Gospel through loving service. There are many statistics that point to students continuing to be engaged in the church beyond high school simply because they had a place to serve. However, loving service is just simply the natural outcome of someone embracing the Gospel!

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What is Summer Serve?

Summer Serve is a mission trip experience for students in their own city. Contrary to popular belief, a missionary isn’t just someone who goes over seas to tell foreign people about Jesus. A missionary is synonymous with being a Christian! If you are a Christian, you are a missionary to whatever context you live in. Through Summer Serve, it is our goal to teach students that it doesn’t take a traditional mission’s trip to develop a heart for people in need. There are very real needs in our own “backyard." It is our hope that students will begin to see their city the way God does. In Summer Serve, students will get the opportunity to camp out together, participate in team building activities and get exposure to local ministries right here in the Grand Valley by serving through different service projects and learning in interactive experiences. 

Wednesday Gatherings

12-18 Years Old | Youth Room | 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday nights are a chance to connect with Jesus and other students. The night will feature hanging out, fun games, worship, relevant teaching, interactive activities and discussion groups. If you love Jesus or just have questions about God, Youth Group is the place to be!


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