The Gospel is not simply attached to a mission; it is a mission! The idea that God would “send” his only son to save and redeem the world is in itself a mission. The amazing part is that Jesus is inviting us into this mission. Jesus says in John 17:18, “As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” Louis Barrett sums up missions well by saying, “A church that is shaped by participating in God’s mission, which is to set things right in a broken, sinful world – to redeem it, sees themselves not so much as sending, but as being sent.” Our hope is to be a people who live on mission.

In Acts 1:8 Jesus tells His disciples: “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” We take this statement of our Lord as both a command and as a promise. We are very serious about taking the Gospel into the Grand Valley and to the very ends of the earth, and we believe the Holy Spirit has given us power to complete that task.


Since the inception of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, they have strived to be a movement with the goal of doing their part in reaching all peoples of the world with the gospel message. We participate with them through the Great Commission Fund of the CMA. This fund supports over 700 missionaries world-wide today. We fully support these missionaries with both funding and prayer support. They play vital roles in over 60 nations around the world. Some are on the “front line” living in villages and communities where they work with indigenous Christian leaders to share the message of Jesus. Others teach in our Bible schools or work in counseling centers. The Alliance also has nurses and doctors and other professionals using their skills in sharing the gospel message through word and deed as they serve others in love. The unique aspect to this movement is that these missionaries are supported through one fund, freeing up their time to do ministry instead of fund-raising. The Great Commission Fund gives Alliance people the opportunity to reach a lost world with the hope of Jesus.

Children with hope

This Grand Junction ministry was started by Shari and Thom Seagren. It seeks to build children homes in Eldoret Kenya and to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, educational and economic needs of orphan children. As a church, we send work teams and financially support this ministry. Most of their children are infants and are victims of AIDS or war. Perhaps most unique to CWH is there ability to meet the needs of the children on an intimate level. Unlike orphanages that are often overcrowded and can be negligent, CWH provides care that deeply impacts the life of each child well into adulthood. CWH is also very interested in empowering and employing the indigenous people of Kenya. One of the basic principles that CWH is based on, is that of integrity. The issue of integrity goes to financial stewardship and extends to the manner in which the CWH board conducts the ministry. Board members receive no compensation of any kind for their service. 

FAther to the fatherless

Father to the Fatherless International was started by Mathias and Jolene Mulumba. Mathias grew up as a street kid in Uganda and now lives in Grand Junction. God has given him a dream of reaching the future generations of Uganda. F2F seeks to reach out to the street children, orphans, single mothers, and widows of the world through education, nutrition, boarding, and fostering. Through the use of international sponsors, children will be given the proper schooling, wholesome meals, opportunities to receive medication as needed, and a safe place to stay both day and night. Widows, single mothers, and older street children will be given opportunities to learn vocational skills (such as welding, carpentry, and computer programming). Above all, F2F wants children to feel safe so that they can begin filling their hearts with the love of Jesus instead of the other things this world has to offer. F2F wants to reunite prodigals with their original families and bring restoration and the Gospel to everyone in Uganda.


We are constantly informing our church about international internships, mission teams, and local outreach ministries through our Sunday morning "Missions Moment." You'll often have opportunities to give financially, offer prayer support or even join these opportunities. We've supported local ministries such as the House which supports local homeless teens as well as Children Evangelism and Fellowship which provides after school care to children and shares the gospel in creative ways with them. We've also supported short-term missions trips to Mexico as well as individuals who have been called to places all over the world. If you are interested in exploring short-term missional opportunities whether local, national, or international our missions team recommends that you check out Envision. As a ministry of the C&MA, Envision identifies and develops future missional leaders who innovate, establish, and strengthen communities of faith in key urban environments. They do this through short-term trips, internships, leadership development, and ministry resources.