We Love Kids

From infants to preschool and all the way through elementary school. We provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about the God who loves them and created them in His image! We’d love for you to join us!

Infant-PreK Little ROLers

Our goal is to join parents and partner with them to raise a generation who loves Jesus! We have large group worship time, classroom lessons and activities and bible stories that are age appropriate. We offer this ministry during both services Sunday morning.

KG-5th Grade ROL KIDS

Our desire is to teach kids about God and help disciple and train them to become disciples of others! We do this through large group worship time, missions moments, classroom lessons and activities and scripture memorization. We offer this ministry during our 11am services.

Our children’s ministry is committed to our church’s core values: 

Multiply, Abide, Belong and Restore. 

On top of those two core values for our children’s ministry are safety and giving. We commit to going above and beyond to keep your kids safe and treat them as our own when you entrust us with them. 

Therefore as you arrive you will have to check in every child who will participate in our Sunday morning ministry activities. 

We also believe in generous giving, and that is why our servant leader team is truly dedicated to the kids in our ministry, they give of their time and talents most generously and encourage our kids to do the same in their own circles of influence.