Pilate(John 18:28-19:16)

Rob Storey, April 1, 2012
Part of the Incredible Love series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

1. The text from Sunday is John 18:28-19:16. Go ahead and read this passage again.
a. What do you know about Pilate? What role does he play in this passage?

b. Any thoughts on why the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem wanted to turn this matter over to Pilate?

2. What is one of your favorite Bible passages that includes the cross? Read Colossians 2:13-15. What does this passage tell us about the cross? Why is the cross such an important symbol for Christ followers?

3. It seems as though Pilate recognized that Jesus was innocent. Why didn’t Pilate simply release Jesus?

4. We talked on Sunday about the dialogue between Pilate and Jesus. Any observations concerning this conversation?

5. What is Jesus telling Pilate in John 18:37? Use a concordance and read some of the verses in John that use the word “truth.”
a. What does Jesus mean when he says that He is the truth?

b. What do you think it means when Jesus testifies to the truth?

6. Where are people looking for truth today?

7. George Ladd writes about John 14:6, “Jesus is the disclosure of God’s faithfulness to his own character…making his saving will known to all men.” How do you respond to this quote in light of the dialogue between Jesus and Pilate?

8. God initiates seeking the lost. He wants to save people who are unworthy. Jesus came to mediate life to men. Do you think this was his mission as he stood before Pilate? Why or why not.

9. As Jesus stands before men through the sharing of the gospel message, he demands a decision. We either believe and live in Him or we deny the truth. What is it in your life?

10. When was the last time you shared the gospel message or your testimony of grace with someone? What does Jesus model in the story we read today?

Tags: Jesus Trial, Pilate, Truth

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