Pizza Night

ROL and Domino’s Pizza want to partner with YOU to help YOU be a blessing to your NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS. Do you know someone who could use a break from cooking for one night? Sign up to pick up a FREE pizza at ROL next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 5:30 pm at ROL. We’ll give you a pizza, pray for you at your car and you bring the pizza to a neighbor or friend. Take a minute to ask your neighbor how you can pray for them and then pray for them right at their doorstep.

It’s that easy!

Here’s the exciting fine print…

1. You MUST sign up online to receive a pizza.

2. Sign up below for ONE evening.

3. Only 25 pizzas will be available for signup per day…once they are all claimed, that night will be closed.

4. ONE pizza per family. Please don’t sign up multiple times.

5. If YOU need a break from cooking, YOU can keep the pizza for your family.

Click the night that you would like to sign up for below:

Tuesday, April 21 (CLOSED)

Wednesday, April 22 (CLOSED)

Thursday, April 23 (CLOSED)